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What are the benefits of a raw food diet?

  In short almost every body function your dog or cat has will benefit!

Here are just a few:

1. Clean teeth. No more dental cleanings which can be very stressful for the body (anesthesia).

2. Clean ears. No more frequent vet visits for ear problems that don’t seem to clear up.

3. No more yeasty body which contributes to the ears, teeth and anal gland issues.

4. Better breath.

5. Amazingly less poop with less smell. The poop is hard and crumbly not mushy!

6. Your dog or cat will drink less water, they will be hydrated from the food. You still      need to provide water everyday, each animal is different.

7. You will save the organs from the exhaustion of digestion which in turn lengthens their  lives.

8. More energy ! Older animals get a new lease on life.

9.  Less skin allergies caused from food.

10. Lessens your pet’s chances for cancer, bloat, kidney and liver ailments and gastro       problems.

Still have questions?

We have seminars at our store various times of the year. The raw diet is covered in detail!  So if you are in the area inquire about our next seminar.

For the past 14 years we have been bringing the option of feeding raw to the Palm Beaches and beyond.

We specialize in counseling each customer to their unique situation.

Raw food is the way nature intended for these carnivores to eat, heal, flourish and thrive.

A combination of raw bones, raw meat,organs and vegetables is what makes up the base of the diet but it goes far deeper than that.

That is why when you become a customer you are joining our team

to ensure your pets success,

and turn around to great health!

You will have access to the owners for their wealth of  information and ways of teaching you tips on keeping  your pets diet tasty and healthy.


raw bones are great for them

cleaner eyes

naturally clean teeth

naturally clean ears

Beautiful skin and coat

cat’s love it too

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