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Has a long and varied list of animal studies and hands on work rehabilitating wildlife. After studying biology in college Kim worked 3 years with Chimpanzoo, a Jane Goodall project, where she recorded chimpanzee natural behaviors. She was then asked to be a staff member at the Great Ape Project then The Center for Orangutan and Chimpanzee Conservation. The sanctuary takes in surplus , retired entertainment , circus and private ownership chimps and orangutans offering them permanent homes. After 6 years in the primate world Kim decided it was time to return to her first love, domestic dogs and cats.

After studying dog behavior and nutrition she opened Animal House of Distinction, the areas first pet boutique in 2002. Her work with a variety of domestic and exotic animals gives her a unique background for dog training. Emphasizing understanding natural behaviors and how to gently change unwanted behavior. She has been a member of the APDT (Assoc. of Pet Dog Trainers) and was featured in the Jan./ Feb. 2005 issue of their magazine. Kim also has been an associate member of the IAABC (Intl. Association of Animal Behavior Consultants). Her motto is "training through understanding".

Since 2003 Kim has given her time to run a free puppy socialization playtime each week only missing a couple each year. She has logged well over a thousand hours of tracking puppy behavior.

Richard Licari

Rich has been a professional videographer and photographer in S. Florida for over 20 years. His enormous amount of patience and love for his work shows in his work. Rich has had great success training his own rescue dog, Lobo. Patience was key in turning around this reactive rescue dog. That love and determination prompted Rich and Kim to provide an outlet for people and their pets to learn gentle training techniques, find holistic foods and supplements, browse their store for unique dog/cat products and of course capture their pet's personality in beautiful photos!

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